Dharma work with Chris McKenna & Megan Cowan

15 Minute Interviews


About 15 Minute Interviews

15 minute interviews are $35. They are done online using Zoom.

15 minute interviews are a resource for ongoing students to get intuitive feedback on pointed, specific questions from either Megan or Chris. Here are some guidelines for making the 15 minute interview useful to you.

The best way to think of the 15 minute interview is as a “single question” or “single issue” or a "short report" session. This usually requires time spent grounding and focusing in on the the issue beforehand. Here are a few inquiries you can use:

  • What is the best way to summarize my question/issue?

  • What is the nature of the confusion surrounding it?

  • Where exactly am I getting stuck?

  • What do I really want to know about this issue in order to heal it/release it?

Spending time with these questions before the session will help tremendously.

You might also be simply reporting on your meditation or journey practice with the intention of getting feedback on how to continue or adjust.

Come prepared to ask your question or describe your issue at the beginning of the session. We may sit and ground for a second, but we want to use the time well and really go right into it.

Wherever you are is the entry point.
— Kabir