Dharma work with Chris McKenna & Megan Cowan

2018 Six Month
Practice Intensive

July 8, 2018 - January 6, 2019



It is not at all clear that there is any universal formula for getting people more committed to the process of awakening and transformation. People can do a significant amount of meditation and spiritual practice and still be very reluctant to look at the fundamental structures of their lives that are causing suffering.

This is humbling! It takes a lot of sincerity to see the pieces of our life situation nakedly with no defense. Even for folks with significant contemplative experience, the inquiry into where conditioning is still "running the show" must remain playful, passionate, and totally relentless. This is trickier than it sounds! How easy it is for practice to become just another egoic tool for reinforcing a false sense of self and world.

Beyond how we are applying this or that technique or practice is the issue of sincerity itself - do we want to know the truth of ourselves and our experience more than anything else? Did we once have this sincerity only to have our conditioned patterns slowly "cover it up" over a period of months or years? Are we on a "sabbatical" from looking closely at our experience without even realizing it?

The central driver of this six month intensive is to put the process of awakening and transformation in the absolute foreground of our experience - to put it in the #1 slot. This is going to entail what is basically a two step process:

1. Making presence-awareness our first priority, absolutely every day of our existence. This is an unending love affair with the silent awareness at the core of our being. For most of us, our contact with pure awareness resembles a smokey piece of kindling that needs to be nurtured into a full-on forest fire through repeated recognition & cultivation. This takes both grace and grit.

2. Dealing honestly with the conditioned patterns that are spontaneously revealed as we spend more and more time prioritizing awareness. This is the domain of embodiment, inquiry, investigation, and action. As awareness deepens, there is a natural impulse to look at the "people, places & things" in our lives - the major structures (family, work, etc) and the agreements/contracts we have in each. Are the elements of our life truly in accord with our deepest knowing about what is right for us? 

Our goal is to give a complete cycle of teaching that supports work in these two areas to a close, committed cohort of people.

Our exploration will span a variety of territory, including recognizing and stabilizing pure awareness, working somatically with the body and nervous system, working directly with psychological and emotional content, and developing greater intuitive capacity. There will be significant opportunities for dialogue and guided inquiry with the teachers. True to our style, there will be a significant amount of psychology & science and a healthy dose of non-materialist woo.

We will meet once a week as a group (Sundays for live teaching, Q & A and sharing). All sessions will be recorded. People are encouraged to come live but it is not a requirement. There will be significant written supporting materials sent throughout the week to support the teachings given on Sundays. Some of these will be instructional in nature; others will be relentless reminders of what is most important in our lives, delivered straight to your phone!  

If you've been looking for a container to get more serious about day-to-day contemplative practice as a householder outside of retreat, you are our target audience for this offering! We look forward to practicing together with you.


Taught By

Chris McKenna & Megan Cowan

Dates & Timing

Live Sessions on Sundays
10:00am - 11:30am PST
July 8th, 2018 - January 6th, 2019
(except for a few holidays)

All sessions will be recorded.
Live attendance is encouraged
but not mandatory.


Weekly sessions will be done
online using Zoom and will
include teaching and Q & A.

Themes from each session
will be developed during the
week through written
supporting materials &
practice reminders
delivered via email.

Class recordings & writing
will be stored online for
easy access.

Cost = $600

Payment can be made in full
or in $200 installments.
For installments, payments
will be charged at registration,
on July 1st & on August 1st.

Megan at Beddis.jpg
What has been attained may be lost again. Instead of searching for what you do not have, find out what it is that you have never lost. That which is there before the beginning and after the ending of everything; that to which there is no birth, nor death.
— Nisargadatta Maharaj