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Accommodation Preferences & Food Restrictions

Please read the description of retreat lodging and food on the left and then fill out the form on the right indicating your needs & preferences. Many thanks!



While we think this might be the sweetest spot you’ve practiced, it is not a fancy retreat center, and mostly the accommodation options are shared space. Please read about the options below and choose your preference.

The Pyramid
Our group meditation and session space will be held in the pyramid. There will be a few folding futon beds for 3-4 people to sleep there. You’ll need to bring a sleeping bag. Pillows are provided. There is a simple sink for brushing teeth, filling water bottles, etc. The pyramid is special and sleeping in there is a way to really steep in the energy of the practice. Things to consider: The compost toilet is a separate entrance reached by walking a few steps out the door. You will be showering inside the main house.

The Apartment
Below our house is a fully equipped 1-bedroom apartment. We will have beds for three people in there. A couple beds have bedding. Others will need a sleeping bag. Pillows will be provided. There is a full bathroom and full kitchen in the apartment. If you have special food needs, this might be a good bet.

The Single
There is a room (without a door) off the living room in our house. There is a simple bed. This option gives you your own sleeping space, but not full privacy. You will need to bring a sleeping bag. Pillow is provided. There is a toilet and sink on that floor, but you will share the shower downstairs.

Food & Meals

Our basic menu is as follows:

  • Breakfast: Porridge, Yogurt, Granola, Coffee, Tea and things like cream, maple syrup, honey, fruit…

  • Lunch: Is catered by a local organic food truck, includes gluten-free noodle or grain, veggies, protein, and can accommodate almost any food needs.

  • Dinner: We cook together with Chris as the main chef. Dinner is rice or pasta, vegetable, and protein and we can accommodate most food needs.

We do our best to accommodate food needs. Please come prepared if you feel like you have complex food needs that are not easily accomodated in a group cooking/meal sharing environment.

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