Dharma work with Chris McKenna & Megan Cowan
Suffering is primarily a call for attention, which itself is a movement of love.
— Nisargadatta Maharaj

Winter/Spring 2020 Retreats in British Columbia

We currently host small groups of people for intimate practice and teaching sessions on our property in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. The “form” of these retreats emphasizes a spacious, non-self-conscious approach to sitting/lying practice, standing and walking practice done while immersed in nature and the elemental realm, somatic movement & energetic work with the body, and significant real-time interaction with the teachers about what is arising and how we are attending to it.

“Pyramid Retreats” are good if you perceive stagnation in your practice, if you are aware of a need for more intimate guidance, and/or if you are simply feeling a calling to drop deeply into stillness.


February 19-23 • waitlist
March 11-15 • 1 slot
April 15-19 • 2 spots
May 13-17 • 4 spots


Online Class • Sept 15 - Nov 24, 2019

Strong Knowing: The Beginning, Middle & End

Registration is open for our next online class: Strong Knowing. This class is a 10-week commitment to paying much, much closer attention to what is happening in our mental, emotional, energetic and physical bodies than we usually do. It will be a series of teachings focused on knowing our inner experience strongly, clearly and continually throughout all states and situations. This is mindfulness classic.


One-on-One Sessions

Life is constantly providing us with opportunities to know ourselves and Reality more deeply. Usually, retreat practice reveals things, presents challenges and requires certain cultivation that is different than what shows up in daily life. Much of our conditioning, wounding, or patterning is set up in relationship. So daily life and various relationships will inevitably be the place where we must face this and work with it.

Moreover, while general statements can be made about our conditioning and suffering, the reality is that our patterning is highly specific to us and often requires outside help to identify and heal. “Doing it alone” is an egoic fantasy! We were put here to help each other become free. 

Our work with individuals is based strongly in the intuitive realm. In working together, we will be listening and looking for where there is a readiness for freeing oneself in some way. We will return again and again to the fact that the truth of what is happening in any given mind state or life-situation is accessible to you if you train yourself to listen for it.

The most evident manifestation of the soul being asleep is one’s unshakable conviction in conventional or consensus reality, and in the content of one’s overall social conditioning. Regardless of what profound experiences of Being you may have had and how objectively you may have seen reality, when you get up off your meditation cushion or leave a meeting with your teacher, you act, feel, and behave as if reality is the world you learned from your mother. When you do this, you are expressing the asleepness of your soul.
— A. H. Almaas
Again, the important point to remember is that you should keep asking yourself questions. Do not make statements. Ask questions to yourself. The mind hates that.
— Robert Adams
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About Megan & Chris

Chris McKenna & Megan Cowan both got obsessed with meditation & the dharma as young people. They would go on to spend many years practicing in retreat, on park benches and pretty much anywhere else they found themselves. They would spend many more years integrating & trying to make sense of how the development of unconditioned awareness interfaces with this human life. 

Their teaching emphasizes the repeated recognition and embodiment of presence-awareness in all states and situations, the necessary interplay of psychological and spiritual development, a somatic/biophysical approach to meditation, a strong focus on inquiry & the development of the intuitive capacity, and a balance between the importance of transcendent awakening and the reality that our actions and relationships are the ultimate testing ground for the development of wisdom.