Dharma work with Chris McKenna & Megan Cowan


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One-on-One Work with Megan & Chris

Sessions are 1 hour and $125; they are done online using Zoom. You can schedule with either Megan or Chris. This should be determined intuitively with your own knowing. You may switch at any time.


About One-on-One Work

Life is constantly providing us with opportunities to know ourselves and Reality more deeply.

Usually, retreat practice reveals things, presents challenges and requires certain cultivation that is different than what shows up in daily life. Much of our conditioning, wounding, or patterning is set up in relationship. So daily life and various relationships will inevitably be the place where we must face this and work with it.

Moreover, while general statements can be made about conditioned patterns, the reality is that the ways we defend, hide, blame, project, collapse, manipulate, dissociate, evade and lash out are highly specific to us. At some point in our journey, we've heard all the general instructions we can hear. In fact, what is sometimes noticed is the ways we have used contemplative teachings to subtly prop-up (rather than deconstruct) our conditioned patterns.

At that point, all that is left for us to do is to ruthlessly apply wisdom, compassion and inquiry to all the aspects of ourselves we never wanted to look at or consider. The light of awareness leaves nothing out! It is in this process that outside help becomes important (and in most cases crucial). “Doing it alone” is an egoic fantasy! We were put here to help each other become free. 

Our work with individuals is based strongly in the intuitive realm. In working together, we will be listening and looking for where there is a readiness for freeing oneself in some way. We will return again and again to the fact that the truth of what is happening in any given mind state or life-situation is accessible to you if you train yourself to listen for it. There is an innate wisdom in every being, and your own spontaneous seeing and revelations are always the most profound and valuable. As much as possible, we aim to help you find your own way via your own knowing.

Wherever you are is the entry point.
— Kabir