Dharma work with Chris McKenna & Megan Cowan


Winter/Spring 2020 Retreats in British Columbia



We currently host small groups of people for intimate practice and teaching sessions on our property in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

We call these retreats “Pyramid Retreats” because we literally practice together in a pyramid (see pics below)! The pyramid is a block from the ocean, and adjacent to a labyrinth. As a support for the awakening process, both the physical space and the land itself are unrivaled. 

“Pyramid Retreats” are a max of eight people. The particular “form” of these retreats emphasizes…

A spacious, non-self-conscious approach to sitting/lying practice. This includes individual feedback around finding postures and ways of arranging the body that support grounding and entry into deep states of presence and stillness. The goal is always to help folks find a formal practice that is natural and uncontrived. By going beyond general “how-to” instructions to an appreciation of how your specific system actually works, deep stillness, equanimity, and other states begin to unfold organically without force. Rigidity is dissolved without losing sensitivity and alertness.

Standing and walking practice done while immersed in nature and the elemental realm. Practicing outside is a major aid to deepening presence. The channels and energies of the body long to rejoin the rhythms of the water, earth and air. As nature itself supports the entire system, what is stuck at the mental, emotional and energetic level is softly invited to move and self-resolve.

Somatic movement and energetic work with the body. Just as the mind unwinds on retreat, the body also needs space to release the patterns we have unconsciously imposed on it. Specifically, we create space and provide cues so that the body-intelligence can play in an unstructured and uninhibited way. Like the mind, some of the deepest healing of the body comes when we learn to give space to the subtler, involuntary processes that are usually covered over by conditioned body-use.

Significant real-time interaction with the teachers about what is arising and how we are attending to it. This interaction is done in both group and one-on-one settings and is designed to help each person access and/or stabilize presence-awareness in a way that is natural to them. This particular container also aims to make individualized guidance for being with challenging energetic, somatic or psychological content more accessible and easier to ask for. What we perceive as "in the way" of the unconditioned truly is the doorway to accessing it. Our fixations and wounding patterns are literally showing us the doorway to new facets of ourselves, new forms of embodiment, and new levels of freedom and aliveness. Our main job as teachers is to help you listen skillfully to that information.

Finally, “Pyramid Retreats” are done at our home in an intimate but not-altogether silent container (dinner is eaten out of silence). Our experience with this form of practice thus far has been extraordinarily positive. The relaxed intimacy of the group and the easy-going, unpressured connections that are made profoundly support our ability to deepen into presence-awareness as a group.

“Pyramid Retreats” are good if you perceive stagnation in your practice, if you are aware of a need for more intimate guidance, and/or if you are simply feeling a calling to drop deeply into stillness.

We look forward to practicing with you!


Winter/Spring 2020 Retreat Dates

February 19-23 • waitlist
March 11-15 • 1 slot
April 15-19 • 2 spots
May 13-17 • 4 spots


Always Wednesday thru Sunday.
Arrive 3-5pm Wednesday. 
Depart 9am on Sunday; breakfast is offered.

Lodging & Meals

Lodging is for the most part shared but comfortable. Meals are home-made & nutritious. Basic food needs (vegetarian, dairy-free, etc.) can be accommodated. Those with more complex needs have the space to do their own food preparation.    

Cost: $500 USD

Cost is all-inclusive and covers lodging, meals & teaching.

Retreat Waitlist

The February and March 2020 retreats are currently full. Sign-up here to be informed of any future openings.

More information

Particularly if you have never practiced with us before, you can read more about our retreats (including schedule, format and core practice instructions) here:

Your essence is very intelligent, very generous. It has a way of throwing a conflict in front of you so that by looking at that conflict, you’ll find out something you need to know. The situation that you are given is perfect in terms of timing, place, the people involved, your capacities, the capacities of the people around you, every detail. The situation is such that if you actually try to understand it, you’ll understand something about your essence.
— A.H. Almaas