The End of Drama

One good pointer for a certain aspect/facet of spiritual fruition is: “No More Drama.”

No more drama does not mean “no more grief,” or “no more challenges.” It means our life situation feels simpler. In this, it reflects presence, which is the simplest thing we can imagine. Why?

Because it is undivided and uncompartmentalized. What you see is what you get. Just this. It is plain. Not in the sense of being bland, but in the sense of being naked. It is what it is. It is not apologizing. It is not fabricating. It is not pretending. It is not deflecting. It is not manipulating. It is not evading. It is not proving a point. It is not defending a mental position. It is not inflating.

This is a very different way of being.

It says what it feels without equivocating, over-explaining, taking care of the other, blaming, or confusing. It is an expression of the clarity of presence, rather than the complexity of the multiple, competing selves that make up the ego structure.

Allowing presence to “touch and make contact with” these different selves is a process. The self we use with mom. The self we use at work. The self we use when we want someone to like us. All in their own rooms. Many of them not liking what the others are doing!

Presence integrates them and unifies them over time. It is the opposite of compartmentalization. It wants fluid responses flowing from on overall sense of wholeness.

We can gently and repeatedly invite the system in this direction. In our formal practice and throughout our day, we drop in pointers into into the mind-stream like:

  • Transparency

  • Nakedness

  • Straightforwardness

  • Simplicity

We invite the complexity of all the separate lives we lead to dissolve in the places where it is ready to. We “close the gap” to presence being available in all states, relationships and areas of life. We say no to the temptation to rely on anything but presence in even the grittiest moments. We gain confidence in the basic state.

Presence & True NatureCM