It's Not Working

"I can't ground. I can't stay. My mind is so busy. What are you even talking about?"

Does this reflect any of your moments? A disruption in grounding can happen all throughout practice. That's the nature of the ebb and flow of everything. Sometimes it's hard to find grounding at the beginning of the path, sometimes in the middle, sometimes in the end!

If you are struggling to "drop in", don't worry. The mind is a lot to contend with! We have a lifetime's worth of letting the mind be wild. It can take time for our heart-body-mind system to settle down.

Seeing that the mind is relentless, and that we can't stop it from doing its thing, is humbling. Sometimes we are fighting the mind and we don't even realize it. The fight is unnecessary - even futile. It is the witnessing that is critical. Witnessing and not interfering. There's the mind again. Oh. Wow. And then opening up your awareness to include your body. Let the mind and body be on the same playground, but invite your awareness to emphasis (or commit) to the body. The body is stabilizing. It stabilizes the mind. When you are deeply connected to your body, even for just a split second, your mind can't get in. Begin to recognize that, and you will build confidence in it.

Sometimes we are making too much effort. "Trying" is happening. This can often lead to the feeling that it's not working. This is because we are pushing past what is actually occurring. If you allow the mind to be active, but you include and return to the body... gently... often, then the mind will eventually settle.

Be patient with yourself. Let the mind be wild and crazy, but bring a witness to the party. Just notice whenever you can that the mind has started again, and expand awareness to include your body... again. This returning can be the primary practice for a very long time, or become necessary as we hit deeper layers. Don't judge it. Don't resist it. Both of those things are just unnecessary extra suffering.

And... it probably is working ;).