Outside Ideas vs. Inner Knowing

Everyone we know has needed support, teaching, and help from the outside to stay on or fulfill their path. This means that we will encounter a fair bit of input and information from outside sources. This can be true not just for spiritual work, but for academic and professional life, well-being pursuits, and family and relationships, etc.

We put a significant amount of emphasis on developing intuition. And intuition is the deepest part of us asserting and owning its wisdom and knowing. But intuition is informed by a countless variety of inputs in our life.

The way to meet and digest those inputs is to take them in deliberately and consciously, and then let them mix and digest in the background. Some ideas might reflect something you are already naturally doing, and they simply serve to affirm and encourage what you are already leaning into. Some ideas might feel new but really resonate and take hold, leading you to insights that hadn't been available through the tools you had until that point. Some ideas might bounce out immediately as not useful, counter productive, or untimely. Some ideas might go in and create resistance or conflict, at which point you let your intuition decide if it is something to let go of or something that deserves some more attention and inquiry.

Once you add and digest new tools, information, practices, ideas, then they are there for your intuition to access as needed. It's like your repertoire of knowing grows from the outside in.  

A good guideline is to a) know your intention for your path, b)  keep things simple, and c) if it doesn't feel simple, shelve it - you might pick it up later or let it go completely.

Inquiry/Intuitive WisdomMC