The Heart-Mind-Body Relationship To Dis-Ease

The body is a messenger. It reflects what is going on in our heart and mind. It is more dense, more solid, more gross. This allows the subtleties of the heart and mind to have a language that we can hear and respond to. If we missed the messages in our heart or mind, then the problem drops into the body and manifests there in a way that convinces us to finally pay attention.  

We don't have to fixate on the idea that all physical issues have a spiritual or psychological counterpart. But, it's usually highly likely that there is some correlation. We can have a more comprehensive understanding of the issues if we ask into what the non-physical sources are.

As we become more sensitive to our inner world, we catch the imbalances in the heart and mind before they manifest in the body. Our awareness becomes subtle enough to notice when there is dis-ease in our heart and mind. We meet it there and allow presence to influence its resolution. In this way, the body doesn't need to take on the dis-ease.

The beliefs that our heart and mind hold about our body image are bound to influence the choices we make around our body. But, if we get closer and more honest about those beliefs, we can contend with them on the heart-mind level. If we free ourselves from ideas and beliefs about our body, then, in turn, we can truly listen to the body. We have more direct access.

In this way, the relationship between mind and body is truly in-tune and mutually supportive, both on the mundane level and on the spiritual level.