Stillness is the Way

The stillness at the core of our being is more than the absence of activity. It is a vibrancy. An aliveness. An unconditioned joy. A peace beyond anything the world can offer.

It is the pearl beyond price. It is what people search for in objects and relationships but never find. It is fulfillment itself.

It is constantly beckoning us home. Constantly whispering just to stop. Just to be. No special techniques. No fabricated states. Just us. In our own openness.

When will we listen? How many more times do we have to go through the motions? How many more times will we pretend that happiness is somewhere else? How many more times will we sell ourselves out?

We don't become worthy of being what we fundamentally are.

We don't arrive at it after we are perfect, or after we've healed all of our stuff. We find it right now, in the mess that is our actual life, in the middle of this being we are so convinced is imperfect.

It's right there.

Presence & True NatureCM