The Shadow and Honesty

One pitfall of practice is the "nice-person syndrome". It's an easy one to fall into. When we are on a path that builds wisdom and compassion, there can be an inaccurate impression that all other things are "bad". Suddenly, we think we need to be "good" people.

And before we know it, we're suppressing or repressing characteristics that we just don't want, or don't think are included in a "spiritual" person.  But, what does "good" mean?

When we want to see the truth of ourselves and all things, at some point we have to face our shadow side. Fear, anger, hatred, rage, envy, greed, revenge, judgement, blame.

Rather than aiming to be good, try orienting toward being honest.

Honest about your subtle and gross reactions. Honest about your thoughts about others. Honest about your hardest emotions. Honest about where you're not being honest ;). This is not in order to act out. It is only about not running away, consciously or unconsciously. How to handle these thoughts and emotions will vary, and is a rich place of exploration.

The way to bring this in is just to simply make an intention that you want to see the things about yourself that you've been running from.

Don't make a big excavation about it after that. You will naturally begin to see things as your system is ready. If it feels overwhelming, use journalling or walking to help move the energy and emotion.

Our shadow is one of the places where our deepest understandings reside. These emotions are never what you fear or imagine. There is a big opening on the other side. But, let it be a long, gentle process.

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