Practice Instructions: Noticing Where There Is “Toxic” Identification

One area we see many incompletions in the cycle of birth/death/transition is in our tendency to hold on to outdated identities and images of self.

This is one of the ego’s favorite ways to defend against change and the profound spiritual openness and possibility that accompanies it.

Basically, it hedges. It’s like the spiritual teacher who keeps giving the same talk from their bestselling book 10 years later, or the neighbor who is constantly telling people that they are “a retired professor.”

It’s so normal that it goes unnoticed, but really look.

Look at the ways you enhance your sense of self for no good reason. Look at the ways you are keeping old/stale pieces of identity on life support.

And more deeply, look at the issue of confidence in who you are and the decisions you make. When you have really sat with something, really inquired into it deeply, really waited, really let a pure intention form in your own heart, really felt the incredible energy that the new intention arouses.... Is there any need to create, defend or enhance an identity? Or was that just a substitute you used for not coming to your own knowing, your own confidence in what to prioritize in your life’s unfolding?

Intention and action rooted in true nature needs no artificial or propped-up self-images!

You are working at the source, and the source is powerful, and you know that. Other people can think whatever they want. They will anyway.

Presence & True NatureCM