When There is Nothing to Inquire About, Rest

The purpose of inquiry work - of being radially honest with our "yes" and our "no" in all situations - is not to create some perfect version of "my life." It is not a control trip.

It's the opposite in fact. It's fully admitting that the unfolding of life is an incomprehensible mystery. It's coming to terms with how little we actually know through relying on presence to guide our actions and responses moment-by-moment. We don't have the whole picture. It is still definitely an adventure. We are challenged, again and again, to trust that. As our trust increases and we follow the guidance we get, our life simplifies. Space appears!

The appearance of space - of peace and freedom - is the purpose of inquiry, of working on our conditioning. We clean up our life and our actions so that true nature can shine, unimpeded, through this particular form that we temporarily are.

The purpose of working within the psychological is always to go beyond it. We become more and more sensitive to the tendency to get lost in the psychological, in the me, in the threads of the healing process. Radically embodying presence is the point, not re-engineering our personality structure.

So as more space is created, embrace it. Embrace and love every moment of stopping, every moment of awareness. And remember that this is what is fundamental. Not what you do. Not your personality structure. This.

When there is nothing to inquire about, and no action that needs to be taken, we rest as this. We rest as awareness. Then there is a creative impulse that comes out of that space. We ask if we should follow it. The answer is yes, so we do. Then the action dies off, and we're back in emptiness. This is emptiness --> form --> emptiness. It is the actual cycle of nature and of our life. We just have to prioritize cooperating with it rather than constantly overriding it.

Inquiry/Intuitive WisdomCM