A free heart and mind has an immediate acceptance of all arising inner and outer experiences. It simply meets every moment with knowing, witnessing, receptivity. It doesn't contain the usual resistance or attachment that the casual mind meets most experience with.

The tone of our participation is a kind greeting, "oh, this". The engagement is not sticky. The moment comes and goes without grasping or pushing, or judging or analyzing.

Acceptance is not a condoning of negative patterning or bad behavior, or an allowing of harmful actions. It is the quality of honesty and recognition that this is my reality right now. It is an acceptance of truth. "Oh, this." In these magical moments, emotions and thoughts lose their power. They can be seen as flimsy and impermanent. If we are accepting the truth of a situation, suddenly options are revealed because we are not limiting ourselves with tight objections and denials and resistance.

You can't force acceptance (it is one of those qualities that comes from grace), but you can invite it. Or remember it. Or incline toward it. These movements of mind help orient the heart-mind to openness, acceptance, non-resistance.

May we all find acceptance in the face of that which is uncomfortable, unbearable, devastating, confusing, and in the face of that which is wonderful, joyous, inspiring.

Acceptance & CompassionMC