Admitting We Don't Know What We're Doing

Part of "making space" for wisdom-mind to speak directly to us is being honest with the fact that, mostly, we "don't know."

We don't know what the hell we're doing!

It is really taboo to say that, particularly because the ego has made a full-time job out of disguising this fact from ourselves and others around us. Its message is "hey, at least it looks like we know what we're doing!"

But in each decision we make based on conditioning, based on the recycling of information we took on from others, there is that undercurrent of unease, of doubt. "I'm doing this because my mind tells me I should do it, but this energy of incompletion, of unease, lingers."

Let's stop hiding from this one. When you are at a decision-point, a pivot point, just start by admitting that it is often overwhelming, that the relative mind is confused, that there are too many variables to track and make sense of analytically.

This honesty with "not-knowing" cleans the slate. This cleaning of the slate sets the stage for guidance to enter. Our own sense of being humble is what invites wisdom! We (as relative mind) don't know; it (presence) does.

Inquiry/Intuitive WisdomCM