Coming To The Surface

In the beginning, we are mostly lost in thought, in a world with very little arriving to the actual present moment. Then our inner awareness is pointed out to us and we begin to learn what it means to be present, aware, mindful. We are awed by the number of moments that have gone missed in a lifetime. And we become very interested in pursuing this presence that reveals ourselves to us. We learn to recognize when we have been absent, or in default mode, or operating on habit. The mechanism of being present vs. being absent has a light shone on it. This is a profound shift in experience that all human beings should have the gift of getting.

The training in being absent is strong. So, there are some serious patterns to slowly unwind. But, all the power is in seeing we've been gone. That's it. When you've arrived, stay for a moment... or two. That's it. "Oh, I was gone, and I've surfaced again. Here I am." That's it. No need to evaluate, despair, lament, criticize, go back, rush forward. Just "oh." Presence is right there. Waiting. Then the next moment of your experience will be met with presence. Maybe it's a breath, or maybe it's a sight, or a feeling of ease or tension in the body, or a thought, or the movement of your body walking, etc.

Mindfulness asks us to connect fully to a moment. A mundane, simple moment. Seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, moving, thinking, breathing, chewing, washing, smiling, wondering, aching, sitting, walking, drinking, yawning, wanting, wishing, imagining. To be with that experience fully, but without grasping. Just a receptive openness, witnessing our inner and outer world.

The consecutive moments are important. We want to surface for a few at a time, at least. What happens after seeing or while seeing? How long does chewing last, and what happens when you swallow? When you are aching, where is it in your body, and what is the texture and sensations? What does your leg feel like moving through the air while you walk? What makes you stand up from sitting? What happens after you feel hunger? What happens after an in-hale?

When you come to the surface, get close to a moment, and then stay there for its detail or for what follows it. Don't be dismissive of the mundane. All truth is hiding there.