The Door, The Path, And The Destination

Awareness is the door, the path and the destination.

Everything we offer or could ever offer is simply a pointer or a trick ;) into presence-awareness. You can find it "on the cushion" or in the "full catastrophe".

Spending time in silence and stillness is the place where your being settles, digests, and rests back into itself. A more prolonged concentration can get established here. A deeper access to our body and its language is accessed here. A building of resource and readiness builds here. There is definitely a magic to what happens when we let ourselves be still and silent.

But, seeing ourselves more clearly, or experiencing a moment of freedom, can happen anywhere, at anytime. This requires "momentary concentration". This is the quality of mind that grabs hold of the moment, stands with full intent and focus, and gives itself completely to the thought, emotion, sensation, or person.

It is an unwavering moment of intense (not tight) presence-awareness. We let go of absolutely everything - stop thinking, stop planning, stop fixing, stop moving, stop trying, stop inquiring, stop intending, just stop everything for a moment. When we give ourselves to just one moment in this way, it has the power of moving mountains. There is more power in one moment of intense presence than there is in a million moments of superficial presence.

It's also available to everyone, in every moment, when they turn toward it.