Dropping the Thinking Mind

It can very important to challenge the mind's role in our spiritual unfoldment.

It is a deep-seated belief that the mind must participate in order to get the job done. When in fact, the exact opposite is true. We must drop the thinking mind! It is an interference. It is a deflection. It is not what's real.

For many people, when they put down the mind, even for a moment, what is left is unfamiliar territory. Whereas the mind always gave us a perceived stability, when we choose not to indulge it, awareness is not sure what to do with itself. And yet, this is where everything is revealed.

It is important for people to be reassured that thinking is natural and that we don't need to wrestle with the thinking mind. But it is also important to know that, indeed, it is not until the mind STFU! that we can drop below the superficial level of reality to see the true nature of things. The true nature of the mind!

A support in this exploration is the body. Commitment to staying connected to the physical aspects of experience is one way of saying no to the thinking mind. Every time you connect with your body's breath, touch, temperature, energy, sensation, you are denying the thinking mind its momentum.

Put the thinking mind down. It makes stories. It makes problems. It lies. It fixates. All in the name of "let me help you".

Presence & True NatureMC