Authentic Presence is Both Attractive & Threatening

As we become more familiar with the sense of being aware, we notice its breathtaking simplicity. In a world of fabricated situations, hidden agendas, unspoken judgements and hidden emotions, it stands naked.

It feels so natural to live as awareness because awareness is completely itself at all times and in all places without exception.

It does not have the slightest interest in altering itself to match the values and dictates of this mad world!

For this reason, the presence which flows through you into the world can be perceived as both attractive and threatening to the people around you.

  • Attractive because the burden of “being someone” is extraordinarily heavy (much, much heavier than is commonly perceived). We long to put down the burden! To “lay it at the feet” of presence. When you listen to someone from presence, and they feel heard, this is exactly what is happening.

  • Threatening because the state of presence highlights all the ways we are deluding ourselves and others. If someone does not have an organic interest in this seeing, they might defend their right not to look! This is not personal. And it is also reminder that it is not your job to give advice and forcefully cajole people into becoming “more conscious” according to your own mental projections of what that state is. We remain humble, knowing that presence itself is the invitation, not our opinions about other people’s development.

As we practice, we return to the basic state of being aware. To what is most essential in us. To what needs no elaboration or justification. We “soak in” how relieving it is to be in this wholeness.

We commit each day, each moment, to living from this place. To referring all decisions, questions, doubts, and fears back to the wisdom contained in awareness.

We rely on awareness ceaselessly in all states and in all situations for the benefit of all.

Presence & True NatureCM