Family Dynamics & Spiritual Growth

As far as we can tell, the entire set-up of family dynamics is to prompt wounding, healing and spiritual understanding. From a spiritual perspective, we would say that's what the human life is about.

Many traditions have a renunciate path, and this is very valuable. To be protected from the onslaught of the world can be critical to give the mind and heart enough space to come into itself without distraction.

But, some traditions (and certainly modern day reality) focus on awakening within the context of our worldly realities and relationships. Our family of origin (our birth family and/or the families we were raised in), and our romantic relationships are both a response to our incarnate tendencies, and a triggering of any place in us that is still unresolved. Even under the best circumstances, wounds via family relationships are going to arise. These wounds travel down family lines until someone is prepared to face them. If you're reading this, that's probably you.

Through these wounds we are pushed up against the wall of suffering and forced to contemplate their role in our lives. Rather than avoiding them as those before us did, we use the wounds to look at ourselves and find truth. Find ways to unravel the patterns. Find healing and freedom from the power they have had.

These wounds that we are healing include all the big gun issues - abandonment, boundaries and power, inadequacy, self doubt, judgement and separation, fear, self worth and lovability, invisibility, agency and inner-truth. Whatever our particular wounds, circumstances will show up in life to help us work on them in milder situations. But, the check-mate is always with family.

If you don't have huge, wrenching familial patterns, then fantastic - you get a kind-of heavenly realm pass this time. Carry on!

But, if family is where you see a lot of your "stuff", please have faith that this is where the deepest healing also is available. This is door #3 people. The prize is reclaiming your power, self-understanding, capacity to be of service, deep insight into the human state and humanity, and ultimately a true freedom if you persist in your gentle awareness.