Loving-Kindness as Unifier and Protector

Loving Kindness is a unifier. Fear, anger, judgment, comparison, defensiveness, blame, all act to separate. Separate us from others. Separate us from ourselves.

Loving kindness creates an energetic availability in you that others sense. The non-verbal inclination toward loving kindness in your heart-mind is felt by others! There is a safety they can recognize, whether they are conscious of it or not.

Loving kindness softens the egos edges. The ego takes actions that build the self, make you "better" than others. But, in this, there is separation, distinction. Loving kindness includes an inherent understanding that your own happiness is not diminished by someone else's. There is no need to "get yours".

Loving kindness reduces your own judgment of yourself. From there you can connect to the heart's direction again. Loving kindness is tuned to the channel that knows a happiness unrelated to self image. It is a happiness that is satisfied with internal happiness and uninterested in how we are perceived, and therefore no longer needs to defend or separate.

Loving Kindness is a protector. It doesn't make us mushy push-overs. It has the wisdom of appropriate boundaries. It allows you to hold a bubble of protection around you without distancing yourself from connection.

It is completely possible to have loving kindness for someone in your heart and still decide that having a relationship with them is not viable or healthy. You can have loving kindness for someone and still discern that their actions caused harm.

Loving kindness sets the heart at ease. Here, you are protected from the onslaught of other weighty mental states. Only one thing can truly be present at a time. When you strengthen the default of loving kindness, it genuinely is a barrier that doesn't allow anger, fear and the rest in.

Faith enters the door of loving kindness. When our heart is soft and unafraid, we have faith in the unfolding. We lean into faith instead of fear and uncertainty.

Acceptance & CompassionMC