Practice Instructions: Loving-Kindness

Some words that might help you access the energy of love:

Loving kindness, trust, faith, tenderness, gentleness, openness, receptivity, forgiveness, compassion, grounding, stillness of heart, perspective, support.

This essence brings us back into the heart, and actually back into the body. We sink back into the body, its truth, its groundedness. This tenderness supported by groundedness is what strengthens the container to hold whatever is painful.

The deepest pain first makes attempts to escape the pain. Endless, desperate attempts. But this deep pain is a broken heart waiting to be surrendered to. That broken heart feels like too much to the ego, but that is a misperception.

The broken heart is what allows the heart to open.

Practice - Protection Meditation

There are traditional ways of cultivating loving kindness. You can use traditional phrases if that resonates. Even though it might feel forced, trust there is a rewiring occurring. Sometimes we need to be rote about it before we access the essence.

Most of you know the simple version of those statements:

May I be well.
May I be happy.
May I be peaceful.

Alternatively, you can allow your own unique method to arise. Allow your consciousness to show you what ritual or prayer invites this love into your mind and heart stream. Be creative. It can be phrases or a poem or a prayer or an inquiry. A symbol or a guide. Make an art project or an alter. Let something unexpected arise.

We are creating a new reference for the mind. We are counteracting the habituated attitudes of grasping, resistance, control. What will cultivate softening? What if I let go for a moment? What if I held this fear with tenderness for a moment? What if I didn't "do" anything for a moment? What allows me to open to the unseen supports around me?

Create something that can be referenced on a daily basis. You'd be amazed at what 2 minutes/day of pure attention to loving-kindness can influence! Let it teach you.

Acceptance & CompassionMC