Stagnation to Fluidity

Often, when practice feels stagnant, it is because our orientation to practice has become too regimented, too angular, too patriarchal, too should-ing. We are trying to "follow an instruction" and we have "left ourselves".

One of the main things we want to invite you to notice is the inner wisdom, the naturally arising understanding that comes from being with the constant fluid, dynamic movement of our inner-body sensations, our sense doors, our mental fluctuations.

When you ground and stay in your body, you get to watch the whole play of existence. If you approach practice not as doing, but as being lead by the natural movement, changing patterns, comings and goings, then you enter the flow of process. Rather than the above descriptions, practice becomes a receptive, open question - a holding, feminine, and intuitive.

"Staying in" requires interest for sure. But, not forced interest. A genuine captivation of the dynamic processes in our mind, heart and body. The longer we stay in, the more things change. Mind can get more subtle, emotions can get more intense, peace can become deeper, or pains can be more disorienting. But, we just continue to watch the play.