Your Whole Being All At Once

Grounding and staying in can expand into an awareness of your whole being all at once. A fluid container of experience that includes your outer body, your inner body, the various energy flows moving throughout, the thinking river, emotional waves and stories, the space around you that includes your etheric body. You can encompass all of this at once. Allow the boundaries of your self to be less distinct. And then let the being-ness hold all of it. Lightly. Fluidly. Gently watching.

There is an impersonal, inevitable, natural flow of experience that is self-resolving. Just like a tree trunk has a very involved natural process that is going on of transferring water, responding to wind, and reaching for the sun, your entire world is moving of its own accord. It's a law of nature.

You don't even need to interfere. That obsessive thinking will eventually subside. That emotional story will eventually lessen its grip. That energy coursing through your body is looking for its natural resolution.

Our relationship is one of witness, allowing, patience, and expanding out to hold it all at once. The thoughts are not you, they're not even yours! All by itself, an emotion will move and talk and argue and ebb and flow, and then subside. Allow yourself to recognize the changing nature of it all. This will give confidence in the process. It does change. All by itself. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

From this place, you can make friends with the mind. You can explore what it's like to not resist it. It's just nature passing through. Fear, doubt, anger, planning, worrying, grasping... you can hold awareness of it all, but from the larger container.