“Staying in” Allows Us to See the Mind Clearly

By connecting deeply with your body, your mind is revealed. The body is really a vehicle for seeing your mind. All mental activity is manifested in the body. The body's density allows us to feel the mind. Continue to prioritize grounding. Continue to stay in your body. Let the mind come to you. In there. Remember that the system is always going to seek out balance. So, don't worry about a mind that takes a long time to settle. Just witness, allow, and open back up to your entire body.

It's important that we keep seeing the mind. It is in the repetition of seeing its movement that we begin to understand its nature. Its relentlessness. Its obsessiveness. Its tendency toward defending, blaming, wanting, dissatisfaction, trying, fixing, solving, etc.

If we don't get deterred by this, and instead keep noticing, we will become exhausted by it.

This is not a bad moment! This is a critical moment.

The ego will finally be (momentarily) stilled. Basically, something in you says, "Is this working? No." So, it gives up, surrenders, lets go. Even if it just for a moment, your being is becoming familiar with what it feels like for the conditioned mind to take a back seat.

If you aren't taking the mind personally, and you are just witnessing its messiness, you will be humbled.

This humility helps lessen the grip of self-ing. We have a distance from this mental activity that breaks down the identification with self. Humility also softens the heart. Softens the defenses. This softening allows a natural arising of compassion. Compassion for your mind, for your heart, for your human state.

Willingness to stay in leads to witnessing over and over again, which leads eventually to exhaustion, which leads to letting go, surrender, humility, which leads to the quieting of the ego, which leads to softening and compassion, which leads back to willingness to stay in. Doe-Ray-Me-Fa-So-La-Te-Doe. :)