Who Would I Be Without My Judgements?

Looking at the mind's tendency to judge and take positions is easier said than done.

On the surface, it seems like we're just questioning the strength and force of a thought that we're having. So far so good.

Problem is, constantly judging, assessing and positioning oneself in relationship to reality is one of the main things the ego does to make itself feel solid. To solidify its importance so we won't question it!

Remember, the ego has no inherent existence! The Buddha was right!! It's just an appearance - a bundle of thoughts that has come together temporarily into a pattern called "me." The fact that it "came together into a pattern" means that it's constantly "under threat" of being dissolved. Of being rendered irrelevant.

It will do anything, anything not to dissolve into the silence of being. Not to be faced with it's own ephemeral nature. It's own impermanence. It's own lack of importance in the scheme of things.

This is why it's always interrupting the silence. Why it has us convinced that awareness, that Being, is some kind of void or nothingness. It's trick is to never let us stay there long enough and sincerely enough to find our own fullness, our own uncaused joy that is our birthright.