Practice Instructions: Grounding

It is important to notice that formal meditation practice has a bio-energetic basis.

When we sit, we are primarily having a “felt-sense” experience. In fact, one of the things that practice does is “open up” increasingly subtle layers of feeling. Many people presume that intense bliss or other altered states arrive all at once as some kind of cosmic “knockout punch.” Interestingly, bliss, clarity and love often emerge totally naturally out of our sensory-energetic field. They are simply byproducts of perceiving the inner energy throughout the day and arrive non-volitionally as we get more and more attuned to the subtleties of our feeling states.

As we get more accustomed to feeling our inner body over time, we also notice when it is stuck, or volatile, or out of balance. We reflect the complex system that is nature! Our mind-stream is a dizzying combination of innumerable internal and external impressions. Thus, we require a certain kind of energetic calibration and maintenance to be balanced because we are so connected to the people, places and things around us. This is a core purpose of daily practice.

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